An incredible AEPS Portal For Admins

AEPS (Adhar enabled payment system) has emerged to be a new cashless payment system. All the basic transactions like fund transfer, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, and many other actions can be taken using your aadhar number.


With AEPS, you don't need an ATM or bank; all you need is your aadhar card linked with your bank account. By verifying your fingerprint impression, you get verified, and the transaction is initiated. Unlike credit cards or debit cards, there is no need to remember any Pincode.

Simple and Easy Way of Using

There is zero technical knowledge needed to use AEPS service.

    In order to use the AEPS, follow these basic methods:

  • Visit ATM or BO (Bank Correspondent) providing AEPS service
  • Give Aadhar card number
  • Choose your bank
  • Select the transaction method
  • Scan your finger
  • Once authentication is done, the transaction will be made
  • Take the transaction slip

These are few simple steps which are used for any basic bank transactions. AEPS is simple, user friendly and secure portal which makes banking more reliable. Do you know how really this system works, surely this question might be hitting in your mind. Let’s elaborate this topic..

How Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) Works?

Whenever any customer visits micro ATM or any Business correspondent (BC) or AEPS service provider, he/she provide unique identity number and bank name. Then he scans his finger on finger print scanner for authentication. After that BC shares these details with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).

They check the ID and UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to confirm the customer identity. Funds of connected account are also checked. Now the action is performed. This is the root process of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).

Why is Anilax the best choice for AEPS Service?

Easy withdrawal of cash from any bank using just your aadhar card. In rural areas, people are shifting more towards this payment mode.

You can provide your cash to your nearest AEPS service provider and the cash will automatically get deposit in your bank account.

Select Cash deposit transaction type and enter amount after choosing the bank. Your cash deposit in your bank.

Visit your nearest bank correspondent and get to know about your bank balance. This is the easiest and quickest way to get a balanced inquiry.

The AEPS service provides quick and easy bank statement details. You can easily export the last transaction details.

Aadhaar Pay services allow customers to withdrawal cash more then 10,000/- rupees in a day. This is the most demanding service today using for cash withdrawal in AEPS.

Using a Micro ATM, you can withdraw money using your debit card. It is an electronic machine integrated with biometrics.

This enables the real-time settlement of retailers. You can perform various functions using the AEPS service.

Incredible Features of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) :-

Now we know what this AEPS service is, how can we use it and how it is works? Here we will learn about the main feature and benefits of Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) which makes it so reliable.

  • Firstly, AEPS is very simple to use
  • This is safe and secure process
  • Fully customized AEPS portal (Change whenever you want)
  • It is based on latest technology which fulfill all business needs
  • Master API switching facility
  • Its login and logout is the best security feature
  • Now Admin can assign number of member IDs to their down line through Member Plan feature
  • Every account has unique identity which makes it reliable
  • We Instantly resolve customers complain through Ticket method
  • Admin only offer those services which are required by the down line with manage service feature
  • Admin can assign work and active feature for employees through employment management system
  • Interoperable across multiple banks
  • Our updated AEPS Portal is loaded with a lot of new features to provide seamless service to the customers
  • You only required unique Aadhaar card number and biometric identification to perform action
  • 3D code verification and OTP system integration
  • Secure payment gateway by integrated API

So basically these are the top security features of Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) which makes it safe, secure and user friendly for customers.

It’s Not about Just Providing Software, It’s about Providing Quality Software

Anilax software is one of the best AEPS software portal provider company in India over the last few years. This is the reason, today we have a wide range of potential customers.

If you are planning to start your own mini banking business as Admin, then this is best solution for you. You can start your own brand mini banking business with our advanced AEPS software portal and can make it a handsome source of Income.

By using our latest AEPS portal, you can create unlimited members as master distributor, distributor and retailer in your down-line. This will increase your commission as well as helpful in serving larger number of people.

So we can say that this is the best business opportunity which is growing very fast nowadays. All the transactions are performed online and we can also say ‘cashless’ transactions through this AEPS software.

Anilax is the best AEPS Software provider company in India which provides funds in real time.

Secure your Panel Through Video KYC Feature

Market is growing faster with the faster growth of technology in India. Along with this increase, fraudulent activities are also increasing. To stop such activities and transactions in your business, we have launched Video KYC feature recently in our advanced AEPS portal.
This feature will help you to prevent fake profiles in your business portal. To understand its advantage, we have to go through its process.Whenever any new member joins you as a business partner, they have to go through this video KYC.
In which, they have to authenticate themselves through video KYC function. They can authenticate themselves through Aadhaar card, pan card, voter ID or Passport (one of them).
This is an advanced portal security feature which allows you to track your member’s identity and authenticity with proof.

How Agents Can Register For AEPS Service Activation

Earlier agents had to register for AEPS service by submitting manual KYC and they have to wait for approval by Admin. This process was quite time consuming and lengthy. But now we have upgraded the system. Now agents can register for AEPS service through on-boarding KYC.
It enables agents to start AEPS service by just on-boarding their personal information like Name, Aadhaar card number, PAN Card number and other basic information.
This process is helpful in saving time and helps to enhance your brand visibility in the market.

Allow Members for Real-Time Settlement (24X7) Through Xpress Payout Service

Now you can provide 24*7 real time settlement facility to your members by using Anilax AEPS portal. We have updated our portal recently with new Xpress payout feature to make your system unique and advanced.

Using Xpress payout, now your members can take real time settlement any time. They don’t have to wait for admin approval. They can take real time settlement just with a single click.