Bus Booking Software & API Solution for Travel Business

Anilax has proven its abilities by providing extraordinary ticket booking software. Strategic software based on the client's needs is sure to save time and money.

Our bus booking software includes all the required features such as e-booking, advanced booking, cancellation, etc. The automated online system of booking makes the whole process easier for travel agencies and as well as travelers.

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Anilax Bus Booking API

Anilax bus booking API service is sure to benefit you. You can deliver your booking service anywhere. This is not it; there are many other benefits too.

You can search for plans, manage seat layout, booking of tickets, and many more. Using this software, checking fares on any route becomes simpler and easier.

You can check for reservations, and at the time of booking and canceling, you will receive an instant message. Thus saving much of your precious time.

Features of Online bus booking software :

Online bus booking software has many advantages for customers as well as service providers. It is a quick and easy bus booking service for your customers. Benefits of bus booking software are -

  • No more standing in long queues
  • Cancellation of reserved seats
  • Earn commission on every ticket booking
  • Multiple online payment options
  • Save both time and money
  • Trip sheet printout for each trip
  • Management of trips, rates, and types
  • Easy and convenient booking
  • Manage reservations and seating effectively
  • Safe and secure payment gateway
  • A detailed report about the trip
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These are the benefits of online bus booking software. An easy and safe bus booking without going anywhere to purchase tickets. The software is helpful in business growth also. You can earn attractive income on every ticket booking via this software.

Anilax: Best For All Your Needs?

Despite the innumerable features of Anilax, there are some specific features which are unique in Anilax in order to deliver the exceptional results to our customers :-

You can manage the bus seats, plans, routes, and timetable to make booking much simpler and easier.

Using Anilax Bus Booking Software , you can create various bus routes with start, end, and stop destinations. You can also make a timetable with the departure time of all the buses.

Using our advanced bus booking feature, manage the rates for different buses and routes.

Anilax has more than 5000 bus operators that use our incredible booking services.

With the bus reservation software, we allow both online and offline payment modes. Thus providing you with easy and secure booking and payment software.

Receive personalized email or notifications instantly after booking or canceling any reservation.

Anilax software also allows you to receive a complete booking report and thus helps you manage the whole process in a better way.

These features of our Bus Booking Software make Anilax different from others. We provide safe and secure for easy access and allow you to automate your bus booking and payments for different bus routes. Along with this it also helps to manage bus fares, routes, seat availability, schedule, etc.