Travel Portal for Flight Booking

Thinking of starting your own portal for flight booking, then Anilax is the company that you can rely on. A travel portal is software that offers its users all the traveling solutions. It is an easier and online way for the traveling industries to set up their businesses. Both B2B and B2C platforms offer you travel portal development.

B2B Online Travel portal

With a B2B portal, Anilax offers a complete travel portal where you can manage all the processes. You can create your ID on the portal and receive a commission every time someone makes the booking. You also get money in an E-wallet which is further distributed in the down-line. All the members in the down-line receive commission on flight bookings. And the one on up-line profits from that. On the dashboard, there is complete information available about all the bookings. Customers can easily search for all the national and international flights. After any booking or cancellation, the customer receives an instant notification or email. Credit cards, debit cards, and net banking are the three modes of payment that are allowed in these portals.

How B2B and B2C Travel Portal Works?


In Anilax B2B travel portal, we offer you a complete travel portal where you work as an admin. We offer you a complete all in one flight booking portal. Now you can create your members all over the India as master distributor, distributor and retailers

They create their Id’s on your portal and offer the services to their customers to earn commission on each and every flight booking.We provide you money balance in your E-wallet which is further distributed with your down-line. Every member of your down-line earns commission on each flight booking service.

You can check all the details of bookings at the dashboard of Anilax flight booking portal. After confirming the booking and payment, customer gets instant confirmation via email and SMS. We provide you a safe and secure payment gateway system. Customers can use various methods for payment including-

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking


With a B2C travel portal, you deal directly with the customers. You have your own company offering online flight booking through your app. Anilax provides both flights booking software and an app.

Customers have to make an individual account to make the booking. At the time of booking, they will have to fill in all the necessary details. And then can search for the flights they are looking for. Your customer can either through a wallet or by credit card, debit card, or net banking.

Unlike B2B, you don't have to share your commission with anyone. The commission is yours as you deal directly with the customers.

Whenever customers book their flight, they have to fill all basic details like name, mail ID, phone number and destination details. They can search all the domestic and international flights of all the airways. There are multiple flight options available in the portal.

At last there is check out option, where customer have to make payment. They can pay either using wallet or all above methods as per their choice. After checkout, they get flight confirmation report via mail and SMS. In B2B travel portal, you own the whole commission. There is no need to share your commission with any down line.

Renowned Flight Booking Software Providers

Anilax is not behind to prove its excellence in this sector too. We are the best company in India for flight booking portals, whether B2B or B2C.

Using our incredible services, you can help your customer make bookings and earn profit from that. The portals are user-friendly.

Our fast and reliable flight booking API solutions make the whole process much faster and effective. You can offer both domestic and international flights. Thus making our software a complete solution.

By using our travel portal, you can offer domestic and international flight tickets booking services to your customers.

Why Choose Anilax Flight Booking Software for Travel Booking Service?
  • Efficient and fastest service
  • Reduces cost and saves time
  • User-friendly portal to attract more customers
  • Increased sale and profit.
  • Both B2B and B2C portals are availabl.

Anilax Flight Ticket Booking Portal Features :–

  • You can search for flight services from domestic to international.
  • You don't require any high and professional technical knowledge
  • The safest payment gateway that makes us a reliable option
  • Filters available to search for required flights easily and effectively
  • You can have your individual accounts
  • Every customer has individual account for security
  • Instant Flight booking confirmation via Mail and SMS
  • Flight ticket search for one-way, multiple trips, and round way.